Social media has made the gap between fans and wrestlers shorter; it allows for fans to interact with their favorite wrestlers at any given time. 

If you like Pro Wrestling, there are several wrestlers or personalities you should follow because of how engaging or charismatic they are in social media.

Session Moth Martina  

She is arguably one of the most talented and hilarious women this industry has to offer. Her in-ring talent is great, but she is such a treat to follow on social media. Currently she’s on a quest to get John Cena to follow her on Twitter and for now all her attempts have failed but she does not give up on this guest. 

The use of her hashtag #fanciesmartina has made her popularity increase despite the fact she is not featured in any big promotion at the moment. 


The young AEW star has taken the wrestling world by storm with his great character as ‘The Salt of the Earth’. MJF will bury anyone that interacts with him in social media, from kids to wrestlers, except of course his best friend Cody. 

MJF so far has the attention of many people from the wrestling industry, even from people like Jim Cornette, who is not a fan of AEW. 

Tavares de la Mancha 

This Spanish wrestler has the gimmick of a conquistador in the XXI century. Is he a time traveler? Or an immortal conquistador? Only watching his adventures on social media, you may get the answer.  

But don’t let his colorful gimmick fool you, because in the ring he’s a very talented performer to watch.

Tama Tonga 

One of the most entertaining wrestlers to follow on social media. He has a great sense of humor, but most importantly he’ll bury any one that’s on his way- wrestlers or the promotion he works for aren’t even safe. 

Because of his charisma, people forget how talented in the ring he is and you could make a case for him and his brother as one of the best tag teams in the world.

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