When announced that Mick Foley would be unveiling a brand new Championship on the May 20th edition of Raw, people got excited. Perhaps the Hardcore title would return or we would get a special brand new championship. So when Foley pulled out a circular belt with barely any design and an unflattering green strap, needless to say, people were disappointed.

Although the 24/7 stipulation gave WWE the chance to be creative and funny, the majority of people were not pleased. Fans called it stupid, and those people would be right. When the belt was unveiled many people asked themselves who would be the key players in the silly matches and skits to follow. Since the championships unveiling, there have been two people that have made it so great.

Drake Maverick and R-Truth

Truth was the first real consistent title holder and right away we realized WWE was going full Attitude Era in terms of comedy, and I think it has been a bright spot ever since. R-Truth has lost and won the championship on golf courses, airports, airport tarmacs, under the ring, on the ramp, in the backstage area, oh and in the ring. He has been embroiled with a feud with Drake Maverick for the championship and it has been consistently the most entertaining thing on the main roster.

It is getting the most views on WWE’s Youtube Channel, and the live crowds are always into it.

This is a comedy championship but the impact it has had only a month later is no joke. For starters, guys like R-Truth and Drake Maverick are getting platforms to display their comedic abilities, and have an outlet to be creative. Drake Maverick a.k.a Rockstar Spudd is one of the funniest guys in wrestling, but in WWE he has never had a real opportunity to showcase it, until now. While wrestling is all about serious feuds and championships, the 24/7 Championship allows each show to have some comedy and break up the show, which helps when it’s three hours long.

Everytime I see a segment with the championship, I wonder what they’re going to do and how they are going to be creative, and that is something that often lacks in WWE in 2019. Although you’ll never see main event guys go after it, the belt has still become prestigious in its own way. The 24/7 Championship as I mentioned earlier has been a huge hit online and being the 24/7 Champion  comes with a big platform.

While there is a line WWE can cross where it becomes too much, as of right now, they are on the right side of that line and I see no reason why they would cross it.

Let me circle back to the title of this article and why I think it is their best championship currently.

I love a great serious feud over a World Championship and wrestling fans have ate up those kinds of feuds throughout history. Austin vs Rock, Bret vs Shawn, and even today with feuds like Kofi vs Bryan. However, I feel as though it gets to a point where serious feud after serious feud could get a bit boring, which is why comedy has always been a part of wrestling.

Comedy has always been there to break up the serious parts. Look no further than DX. Comedy is just as big a part of wrestling as serious rivalries. Which is why I believe this is WWE’s most valuable championship at the moment. Not only does it give lower mid-card people a chance to shine, but it is also something you can rely on to provide some comedy relief.

Is the 24/7 Championship stupid? Yes it is, but that is why it works.

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