Last month, The Scrap announced its new initiative: The Ultimate Writer.

TUW is a competition for The Scrap’s Content Writers and features 14 of the best MMA and pro wrestling writers around the world in a competition of article views. The first round of the inaugural season began May 1st and the winners will be determined monthly when highest article views go head-to-head to determine The Ultimate Writer.

The first round matchups feature pivotal head-to-head wars that could see many underdogs rise to the occasion.Below is your guide to everything you need to know before the first round of TUW ends.

Joel and Rags are current roommates living in Denver, Colorado. They decided to start The Scrap after Joel’s obsession with MMA. Both owners bring their strengths to the table and it will be interesting see how they do in this competition. Joel is the #1 ranked writer for a reason, can he win the entire thing starting at the very top? Rags is #4 and has a tough matchup ahead of him. Can Rags overcome his place in the rankings to take home the prize?

We will find out this season!

Although on the prelims, Jordan Ellis vs Lee Brown is a matchup to keep a close eye on. Both men produce a similar amount of content and get a similar amount of views, so this will most likely be a close win for either writer.

Connor Rogowsky vs Brandon Sibcy is going to be a nail biter. Not only is Rags a coach for this season, he is ranked high. The catch is that he doesn’t produce as much content as his opposition. Can Brandon get the RKO OUTTA NOWHERE win? We’ll have to wait until April 1 to find out!

Matt Puppich has everything it takes to beat The Scrap veteran, Hiram Alvarado. After a short break, Puppich has come back strong, with articles ready for publishing. He also has a loyal following on social media that are ready to back him against the #2 ranked, Alvarado. Hiram has yet to write an article this month, but if he does, it will be interesting to see if he can overcome the rising prospect, Puppich.

Stay tuned for more on TUW 1 when the official tournament bracket is revealed in June.

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