This past week, WWE introduced the Wildcard Rule. This rule states that 3 or 4 superstars from Raw can appear on SmackDown and vice-versa. Many fans are really confused with this new rule and are not a fan of it. In the wise words of Simon Miller, “Why? Here’s why.”

Forget the Brand Split

Just two weeks removed from the Superstar Shake-up, this rule absolutely makes no sense. You just mixed up your rosters and try to give us new feuds for each show, but now you’re pretty much saying forget the past few weeks and let’s fix these ratings. I understand the value of having guys such as Roman Reigns on Raw, or Charlotte Flair on Raw and AJ Styles on SmackDown, but instead of focusing on them for both shows, why not make your shows more enjoyable? Many fans have turned off Raw and SmackDown the past two weeks because they’re simply not fun to watch. You have so much talent on your roster and for some reason you want to focus on a few main event players.


The Wildcard Rule also brings much confusion to the table. When Vince McMahon first announced the rule, he said it would be three superstars from Raw on SmackDown that can appear on both shows. But since then, you’ve said four, five, and then recently a “limited amount.” Us fans are getting confused as to who is on which show now because we don’t have clarity on which show they will appear on every week. If you announced three superstars keep it at three superstars.

Not many opportunities

Many under utilized superstars are going to suffer from this rule because they’re not gonna have much TV time given to them anymore. For example, EC3 has pretty much disappeared from television, Eric Young hasn’t been seen in forever, and many of us have probably forgot about Chad Gable already. There are many many more superstars that are not going to be able to grow and develop on TV with this new rule. WWE needs to realize the potential in the roster and focus on building them up like NXT does, instead of focusing on Roman Reigns constantly.


The main events of Raw and SmackDown this week were not even by Raw and SmackDown superstars. You saw Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston in the main event of Raw, and while it was a really good match, they’re both still on SmackDown Live.

Instead of the Wildcard Rule, WWE has two options instead. Either end the brand split altogether and make just one big roster, or continue the brand split and develop your roster. The ratings will go right back up.

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