WWE is bringing back Clash of Champions after the show was removed from the rotation for a year.

Clash of Champions is the PPV where every WWE champion will take center stage in some high-stakes matches. Also, we will crown a new King of the Ring. With eleven matches on the card, it’s hard to pick one match that will steal the show.

So, I will cheat a little bit and pick two.

Clash of Champions Show Stealers

United States Championship — AJ Styles (C) vs. Cedric Alexander

AJ Styles always puts on great matches and seems to raise his game to another level when he wrestles high flyers like Rey Mysterio, Ricochet and Andrade. Cedric Alexander is a high flyer, who is coming off a clean pinfall victory over Styles to conclude a 10-man tag team match on Raw. With that victory, Cedric earned this title bout with AJ Styles.

This match can steal the show because AJ Styles is arguably a top-five performer in the world today. He understands match pace and as a heel, he will get heat from the crowd. AJ’s offense and various moves could neutralize Cedric’s speed and high-flying attack.

Cedric being the younger talent has shown he isn’t afraid of the bright lights and has a willingness to step his game up to rival some of the top guys in WWE. He recently has shown this in his feud with Drew McIntyre.

This match will have some great high-flying spots, with a fast pace and the crowd will be into this match from bell to bell.

Although my first thought was to go with Seth Rollins versus Braun Stroman as the show stealer, I decided to go another way.  The reason I was going to go with Rollins/Stroman is that I think something flukey happens in their tag match that will up both of their intensities coming into this match.

Raw Women’s Championship — Becky Lynch (C) vs. Sasha Banks

This match will steal the show!

Some WWE fans believe that this match should main event the show. I think it’s safe to say, Becky and Sasha will put on a show at Clash of Champions, no matter where they’re slotted on the card.

I am going with this match for a few reasons.

First, The Man vs. The Boss gives us two of the best female wrestlers in the business today. Secondly, the buildup to the match has been scripted perfectly by WWE. And, the anticipation for this match is through the roof right now. Lastly, Sasha as a heel has been money and the heat she will receive from the crowd will add to the emotions of this match.

Becky Lynch was the hottest star in WWE going into Wrestlemania but I think she has lost a little steam as of late. Although she is a tremendous worker I think Sasha with the blue hair has returned with a vengeance and this match could be her return to the spotlight after four months away from the ring. Bayley could play a part in the outcome of this match as she has recently mended fences with Sasha.

Let’s see how Clash of Champions plays out Sunday night. I am quite sure we will be talking about these two matches going into Monday Night Raw next week.

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