At TakeOver: XXV, Adam Cole finally won his first NXT Championship, defeating Johnny Gargano.

Now, the question going forward is who should the leader of the Undisputed Era defend his title against after winning it? I think there are three logical contenders for the top prize in NXT.

Let’s get into it!

#3. Johnny Gargano

My first choice is the former champion, Johnny Gargano. Although this is probably the least interesting option on this list, it is one of the most likely. Gargano and Cole have created magic every time they have stepped in the ring and because they are 1-1 against each other, a trilogy match would make sense. Although I don’t know how they would justify it because Cole won the title with zero help, I don’t think anybody would argue against a third Cole vs Gargano match. It would great to see Ciampa come back and help Johnny fight off Undisputed Era, but that’s a fantasy booking from me.

Regardless of how they wanted to do it, NXT has a fantastic creative team and I have all the confidence in the world they would come up with a compelling story. This entry is mainly because it makes sense to have one more match.

#2. Roderick Strong

I’m not sure if this will be the first challenger for Cole, because I don’t know when they want this story to conclude. However, this will happen. Before Cole’s championship match, there was tension between Cole and Strong, but they seemingly reconciled before TakeOver. As much as I love the current Undisputed Era, I think Strong will eventually get kicked out and challenge Adam Cole for the title. Strong’s first face run was extremely bland, but his character skills have developed since he joined the faction, and I think they could have a fantastic program.

If you watch NXT you will know that they are top-level wrestlers and I know for a fact they would put on an absolute barn burner on a TakeOver. I mentioned the NXT creative team earlier and I would love to see which avenue they would follow for this story.

#1. Matt Riddle

This is the best option to challenge for the NXT Championship. The story is already there because the two have history and with Riddle not involved in anything right now, this makes all the sense in the world for the two. Even if this doesn’t happen right away, I think Riddle will be the one to take the belt off of Cole before Undisputed Era move up. Cole and Riddle are maybe the two most over wrestlers in the company and a championship clash is inevitable. The NXT brand has been pumping out five-star matches lately and this would be no exception.

The wrestling ability and story telling between the two is on another level and to have two talents of this caliber in a feud on a TakeOver, would be a sight to see. They would burn the house down and kill it on the mic in the weeks leading up, and that is Undisputed.

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