The first episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite was a massive success.

Most people are giving high praise to the show on social media and are excited for what’s next for AEW. The Wednesday Night War is just getting started and the real winners are the fans of pro wrestling. 


The match quality on Wednesday Night Dynamite was really good and this is no surprise at all. We all expected this, considering the other 4 shows we’ve seen during the year. 

PAC vs. Page was solid, Guevara vs. Cody was very fun and with a hot crowd, but the match of the night with no doubts was Riho vs. Nyla Rose for the AEW Women’s Championship.

The women in this match gave it all and played their roles perfectly during and after the match. 


The show had many surprises, like the debut of Jake Hager (FKA Jack Swagger) to join the AEW roster, adding another big man in AEW. The surprise appearance of Jon Moxley and having a great brawl with Kenny Omega was a nice surprise for the fans. 

The brawl at the end was great and was fun to see all these heels attack The Elite and establish themselves as major treats in AEW.

Promos and Storylines

The show had very few promos. MJF and Chris Jericho made promos during the show. They were as good as you could expect. AEW needs to give wrestlers some promo time for wrestlers to cut a promo and introduce themselves to new viewers.

AEW should use video packages more often to hype up matches, in a similar fashion to what UFC does for matches. The Guevara-Cody video package was really good and should be used as a template for this type of content for new viewers.

The promotion featured two feuds, with those being Moxley-Omega and Jericho-Cody. With this, these two feuds are building up for AEW’s next PPV, Full Gear.


The commentary team of Tony Schiavone, EXCALIBUR and Jim Ross was really good and the chemistry between the three men was noticeable. The MVP of the night was with no doubts Tony Schiavone. 

AEW’s commentary team has come a long way and if things keep up like this, it will only keep getting better.

Better Camerawork 

Something AEW needed to improve was their camera work. In the first episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite is has improved big time, with only one major error noticeable.

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