Top lightweight contender, Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson, made his long awaited return to the octagon when he took on the legend, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in a much anticipated matchup at 155-pounds.

It was “The People’s Main Event.” This had been a fight that should have been made years ago, but with Cerrone fighting at 170 and Tony cleaning house at 155 pounds, it only made sense to book this fight with Cerrone back at lightweight and winning two fights back-to-back.

The fight started as the fans expected, both throwing heat and Cerrone winning most of the exchanges, landing a significant amount of jabs. In round two, Ferguson kept his pace and continued to walk Cowboy down, bustng him up and landing some heavy shots. At the beginning of the the third round, before the bell rang, Cerrone blew his nose which caused for his eye to swell up. With the swelling being so bad, Cerrone was not able to continue the fight, which ended with Tony winning by Doctor’s stoppage. Although that is not a way Tony wanted to win, it’s still a win and Tony was coming on very strong.

Tony and the complications he has been facing.

In March 2019, Cristina Ferguson, wife of Tony, filed a restraining order against the fighter for uncharacteristic behavior such as paranoia, and not sleeping for days. Symptoms like this and C.T.E. are common for NFL players, boxers not so much, but MMA – the sport is still new and it should be expected to see this happen more often due to blows to the head. You never know what people are already battling. Ferguson made a full recovery and got the help he needed, his wife lifted the restraining order, and “El Cucuy” got back to his normal life. Back to being the amazing father, husband, and one of the most vicious lightweights in the world.

Leaving long-time manager, Audie Attar.

Recently, news broke that Ferguson had split with his long time manager and CEO of Paradigm Sports Management Audie Attar. Paradigm manages others fighters such as Conor Mcgregor, Jessica eye, Cris Cyborg, Elias Theodorou and previously Michael Bisping and Jimi Manuwa.

Ferguson has been trying to get a fight with champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and mega star Conor McGregor, with him moving to Ballengee Group, it should be easier to make those fights happen. Ballengee Group is another management company who represent some amazing fighter such as Vitor Belfort, Eddie Alvarez, Aljamain Sterling, and many more.

With Ferguson’s new management and his big win at UFC 238, fans should expect a title shot from the the lightweight star.

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