The women in WWE have come a long way. For a long time the women were only considered eye candy for the male demographic. But now, women in WWE are equal to men in certain aspects, but in others there is still several problems to address that need to change. 

Calling up women too early to the Main Roster.

WWE has this terrible trend of calling women up from the performance center or NXT to the main roster when they are not ready in several aspects. Another problem with this is the fact that they don’t have long term plans and just book week-to-week matches. Then the call up ends up being another name on the large list of wrestlers on the main roster. 

Women being on the main roster too early highlights their weak spots on a bigger stage. A good example of this is Lacey Evans. In the character work she is good, but she really needed more time to adapt to the character. Most importantly, she needs more time to work on her in-ring abilities. 

Looks are still too important.

It is well known that Vince McMahon loves big muscular men for the men’s division. In the case of the women, big breasts and blonde hair is what Vince seems to target. 

Becky Lynch in recent history is breaking this mold. Her run in the last few months has been great and this shows progress in the  division is coming. The fan support has shown just how far the division has come, and how women’s wrestling can continue to grow.

Weak in-ring work.

This is a big consequence of the calling up women too early to the main roster. WWE’s main roster has a limited number of great workers, while a big part of this roster is filled with women that could use more time in the Performance Center. 

Any talent in the wrestling world, men or women, need time to perfect these aspects. In this current era it’s more important than ever, while trying to compete for viewer’s attention. Looks in this era don’t take wrestlers very far if you don’t have the in-ring work to back it up and put on an entertaining match. 

What’s next? 

WrestleMania 35 was a big moment for women’s wrestling in general, largely due to the first ever women’s main event in WrestleMania history. But after that, WWE seems to steam down women after such an incredible moment. They needs go back and promote women more, so the women in WWE can continue to evolve.

Women in recent years have proven they can steel the show if given the chance, but after WrestleMania, it doesn’t feel like the WWE still believes this. 

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