WWE recently announced the return of the famous King of the Ring tournament, which will begin on the August 19th edition of Monday Night Raw. The tournament will feature 8 Superstars from Raw and 8 from SmackDown.

The participants were recently named: Drew McIntyre, Cedric Alexander, Baron Corbin, Ricochet, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Ali, Kevin Owens, Chad Gable, Andrade, Shelton Benjamin, Apollo Crews, Elias, Buddy Murphy and Samoa Joe. I have cut the list down to what I believe to be the four most likely to win the tournament.


Now this is probably the least likely of the possibilities, but I think in terms of booking, it is one of the best. Andrade has always been a big win away from sniffing the upper-mid card scene. I think we would all agree that he is a main event level talent, as we saw in NXT. However, he has suffered by never winning a title on the main roster, and not really having a big push.

Andrade is the type of character that does need that big win to move up in the rankings. If WWE doesn’t want to give him a championship right now, King Andrade is the perfect catapult. He already wears all gold and the idea of him and Zelina being King and Queen of SmackDown Live is perfect.

If the winner of King of the Ring is promised a WWE or Universal Championship match, this would be the perfect way to get him in the main event scene. As I said, it is one of the more unlikely options.


This is another unlikely scenario, but Cesaro is another Superstar that could benefit off the tournament. Historically, King of the Ring has been used to elevate mid-carders, not already established main eventers. When you look at some of the King of the Ring winners, Cesaro fits the bill.

Bret, Owen, Kurt, Austin, all were propelled by winning the tournament. If there’s one superstar on the roster that deserves to be propelled, it’s Cesaro. Fans have been wanting a push for Cesaro since he debuted on the main roster, and this could be his chance. Whether it was a crowded main event scene, or him being in one of the best teams in modern WWE History, the world title scene has always evaded Cesaro. Many times people becoming world champion comes down to the place, and the right time. This is the best place and time I could think of for a Cesaro main event run.

A heel Cesaro embracing the King gimmick and becoming King Cesaro would make fantastic TV. Also the matches he could have with either main event scene are a list of dream matches. Bryan, Styles, Rollins, Reigns (they’ve had amazing matches), Kofi, the list goes on. This would be an amazing option.

Baron Corbin

Unfortunately I think this may be the most likely option on the table. People don’t like Corbin and WWE sees that as good heat which is why he was in the main event scene for so long. WWE seems to be very high on Corbin and the idea of King Corbin terrorizing Raw is a very likely one.

I personally like Baron and while I think everybody else on this list could use it way more, I would not be against it. Baron is no Kenny Omega in the ring, but his character work is some of the best in the company and I think he would run with this gimmick.

Drew McIntyre

This is the best option to win King of the Ring, and it’s not even close. As I mentioned with Andrade and Cesaro, Drew is a main event talent that has not been given that push, this is the perfect way to do it. Drew’s aesthetic is very medieval, Game of Thrones-like anyway and it would fit the King gimmick perfectly.

The idea of him coming out as a Scottish King with a kilt and crown to match while running Raw like his kingdom is the absolute best scenario for this tournament. I feel like this might’ve even been brought back exclusively for Drew to win and become King McIntyre. As far as I’m concerned, he should’ve won the Universal Championship months ago, and if this is how he finally gets there- I am all for it. Drew would also be in good company as the last three winners have also been European, Bad News Barrett, Sheamus, and William Regal.

Drew is a main eventer waiting for a push and him being King of Raw and eventually winning the Universal Championship is the best possible outcome.

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