The latest edition of Raw saw Paul Heyman take the role of Executive Director for Raw. and the episode has been well received by fans of the WWE product.

What changes did Heyman do to make Raw a good watch for fans?

An explosive opener-

Most people would agree that the Braun Strowman-Bobby Lashley feud was not entertaining and was a filler for most fans. But thanks to a fun opener and a cool spot with the lead panel, Heyman managed to gain the viewers’ attention, which is something that WWE hasn’t been able to do in a while.

Good backstage segments-

The backstage segments were very interesting and were important for the structure of the episode. The storyline of The Club and Ricochet was great, building up the eventual heel turn of AJ Styles. The other segments were not as strong as The Club’s segment, but they had some interesting parts that managed to make people excited for what would happen next.

Meaningful matches-

One thing about weekly matches is that most of them are not important to the storyline and are skippable in many ways. The AJ vs Ricochet match was important because it is another important step in this great feud they are having.


Despite being a good episode, it had several negative aspects to it like:

  • Undertaker’s promo was a bit too long.
  • The Baron Corbin-Lacey Evans segment.
  • Several parts of the Seth Rollins-Becky Lynch and the Maria Kanellis backstage segment.
  • The awkward cuts to commercials during the show.

At the end of the day, the positives outweigh the negatives, and the first week of Raw in our so call ‘’Heyman Era’’ was a success. Now let’s see if this can be consistent for several weeks. It’s time to see what Eric Bischoff will do with SmackDown once he takes the rails of the blue brand.

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