AEW so far has had two great PPV in the eyes of most fans and critics. Some people may think this show is just a filler but, Fight for the Fallen is a very important PPV for AEW in many different ways. 


The other AEW PPVs had plenty of time between each other but this time Fight for the Fallen comes two weeks after Fyter Fest. 

This short period of time will be very important to consider for the attendance this show will have in total. Also, it will let people know if the hype for AEW is still there after just weeks of consecutive shows.

This short period of time will help AEW adapt to a short period of time between shows before their TV show beings in October. 

Correcting Mistakes 

Fyter Fest and Double or Nothing were good PPVs for AEW, but they were not perfect. They had many problems, especially in the pre-show department. 

This show is an opportunity for AEW to correct the few mistakes they’ve done so far and show people they can adapt and change things to improve their product. This is something we don’t see often, but the AEW guys are not shy to accept their mistakes and improve upon them. 

Also Fight for the Fallen will be the perfect place to see how AEW will address and change things regarding The Librarians after being terribly received on the pre-show of Fyter Fest. 


AEW has been, very good on setting things up for storylines in a short period of time. The Janela-Moxley feud was short, had few promos and the match itself delivered. 

Fight for the Fallen will set up storylines and matches for the next show AEW has scheduled: All Out, which will be another important show for AEW as it is scheduled to air just before they start on TNT. 

AEW has a long way to go in finding their perfect spot and identity as a wrestling promotion and the next few months will be very interesting to say the least.

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