Tavares de la Mancha is a charismatic Spanish wrestler that is part from the promotion Triple W — White Wolf Wrestling.

His use of social media and his in-ring talent have allowed him to captivate the attention of pro-wrestling fans in Spain. 

What makes him special above other wrestlers is his determination to protect kayfabe at all costs with his conquistador gimmick in an era where kayfabe for many is considered dead. 

When did you start your wrestling career?

Tavares: “I remember a time when I was not a conquistador, I remember it was in 2012”.

Why did you choose the name Tavares de la Mancha, El ultimo conquistador (the last conquistador)?

Tavares:You see Tavares is my ancestral last name of my family, a noble family of knights, explorers and Portuguese conquistadors. Mi mother is from Spain and I’m the protector of La Mancha just like Don Quixote did.”

My nickname of the ‘last conquistador’ comes from me being unfortunately the last survivor of those legendary men. I will always honor my ancestors, that’s why I’m Tavares de la Mancha.”

Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up? 

Tavares: I remember a son of New Spain [Mexico] that was my hero when I was growing up, that man was the great Eddie Guerrero, I remember the fury of Batista and the eccentric Randy Savage with his colorful attires and his bizarre promos.”

What your favorite match you’ve been involved in? 

Tavares: With no doubt it was the battle of the celestial chest (Top 1 2019), from other lives I dreamed on wrestling that battle, but I did not win because of a betrayal from Noah Striker, but I won the people’s heart and my army with every day that goes by it becomes bigger and stronger.”

What to do attribute the recent success of Triple W? 

Tavares: ”The house of the white wolf there were these two wrestlers [Carlos Romo and A-Kid] stood out from the others in this recent years, the two called themselves team White Wolf and they wrestled in lands beyond the sea, with that exposure a lot of people saw the spectacles of Triple W is. A lot of talent has not said their last words and in my case, I’ll save Triple W from the black hand and arrive to el Dorado.”

What is the objective you want to accomplish in Triple W? 

Tavares: “My objective has changed as the years go by, at first the only thing I wanted was gold, because as you know my friend we the Spaniards have a diseases that can only be cured with gold, but my objective expanded and it became to being the people’s hero and I think I’m getting close to it; I love my squires [fans] like they are my children… My objective is to show the world that dreams do come true my friend.”

What do you credit your recent success on social media? 

Tavares: “The world was gray and empty, there was no one to show the world that the impossible is possible, there was no one that fought for noble ideals and memes. I am the first in many years and the last of my linage that is universally known as the conquistadors.”

Could you tell us a little bit of your appearance of a meme about you in the Spanish sports journal AS? 

Tavares: “I was walking around my ranch known as ‘Ranch Relaxo’ I was drinking balm of fieragras [magic potion from an Arabic legend], suddenly one of my neighbors Chema, a baker, told me about my appearance in that publication.  

Now I’m afraid some imitator or spellcaster will put my family at risk. 

Memes are creatures of the Lord; I love and respect them like all things the lord created.”

What do you think of The Simpsons predicting your existence? 

Tavares: “I was not aware of this until someone showed the evidence in form of an image that I knew that Matt Groening discovered my plans of establishing a vacation site, a genius he is, but people call me crazy when we can see clairvoyants and spellcasters everywhere in the places least expected”. 

Could you tell us about your YouTube channel and the adventures you have in it? 

Tavares: “Ah yes… The place where I save my memories in video form. It’s the place where I made my first appearance  as “EL ULTIMO CONQUISTADOR”  happened and is the place where the commercials of the temporally closed Ranch Relaxo are seen, and as you can see the house of the white wolf [Triple W] has obtained copies of my glorious adventures, like in the latest video where I return home after a devasting defeat and I find a new purpose” .

What are you telling us with the short film viaje de un héroe ?

Tavares: “The idea started after I returned home (La Mancha) after a devastating loss to Elvis Harrison in Level Up, where they took away from me the opportunity to be a champion. When I returned home, I realized that I could make my dreams come true for me and my squires and that I was ready to fight against evil.”

Why are you not a champion in Triple W? 

Tavares: You see, since the day I was born, I carry with me a curse, which is carried by all the conquistadores and in curse was enchanted by the black hand, who is my biggest foe. He’s always moving in the shadows without being seen.

The black hand is the reason that I’m not a champion but despite this curse I will overcome it and become the champion Spain deserves and needs.”

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