Peter Barrett is known in New England for his entertaining fights, crisp fight shirts, and larger-than-life personality. The lightweight finally gets his shot at a UFC contract on Contender Series and gets to show Dana White that he’s been what they’re looking for, and has been for quite some time.

“I’m the king of Cage Titans, I was the OG one with the t-shirts, image, brand, image, walkout, knocking people out, being all over social media, creating a buzz.”

“Slippery Pete” made his return against an undefeated lightweight prospect in Zach DiSabatino at Cage Titans 44. He only needed one round to remind New England why he’s been the “Cage Titans King,” reigning over the 155-pound division. But even with a successful MMA career, life hasn’t always been easy for Barrett.

Not only did he make his comeback after a loss and two canceled bouts, he was still coping with the loss of his father and younger brother. Shortly after, Peter started working at his uncle’s brewery and although days were dark in the beginning, he managed to pull together with the help of those closest to help remind him of his greater purpose.

Recently, his coworkers and peers put together a fundraiser on his behalf to help raise funds, a gesture that truly humbled the lightweight. Not only did they help pick him back up during his darkest days, they’ve been with him through his MMA journey and wanted to help Peter during the fight camp that has potential to change his life. He now looks towards his Contender Series debut and hopes to make those who have supported him from the very beginning, proud.

“The universe has its way of making sure you’re ready for its gifts before you receive them. And I think the adversity, the troubles, and the darkness I’ve gone through in the last few years really brought out the best version of myself to be ready for this opportunity.”

After announcing his shot at the UFC, Barrett has been working long shifts as a bartender and training hard for his fight against “The Korean Assassin” Sang Soon Yoo. He wants to remind Dana that the, “Northeast is full of some savage killers,” and that he knows exactly what the UFC wants to see.

The New England prospect took his last fight on short notice and was able to turn a few heads, with a longer camp this time out, he’s confident he hasn’t showed fully what he’s capable of. “From 1-0 to 8-0, I was everything the Contender Series is looking for but they were invested in The Ultimate Fighter,” said Barrett. Now at 32, Peter needs to finish another undefeated prospect before he’s able to call the UFC home.

Yoo is 5-0 with 3 finishes and 2 decision victories. It has been a year since the South Korean fought, and his next bout is against one of New England’s best. Barrett shared that at first glance his opponent is, “an athletic striker and doesn’t seem to like going to the ground much.” If Yoo is going to make him wrestle, he’s “going to wrestle f*ck him into the ground to the point where he can’t move,” before eventually taking his neck.

“I think this is the perfect matchup for me. I’m a fierce striker with a savage ground game, I like to inflict pain, I like to throw elbows, I like to throw knees.”

Barrett feels prepared and “ready wherever the fight goes” when the two meet inside the Apex Arena in Las Vegas. “I’m a 10, he’s a 7 in all aspects of the game,” said Barrett. “I’ve seen everything this kid can bring, and I’ve seen it better.”

Ready for the big stage and brighter lights, Barrett looks to finish his opponent, sign a UFC contract, and then make his debut at UFC Boston in his backyard this fall.

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