NXT TakeOver: XXV takes place this Saturday and while it has flown under the radar, it’s a fantastic card.

Let’s get into the predictions.

Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong

Our first match of the night is Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong. First of all, from a wrestling standpoint, this is going to be fantastic. Roddy being back with Undisputed Era is very interesting. I have a larger prediction that this is a part of which I will get into later, but I have Strong winning. I think a member of Undisputed Era will help Roddy and this certainly won’t be a clean loss for Riddle. This would mean two TakeOver losses in a row for Riddle. I don’t think that will hurt him in the slightest though. Roddy winning here plays into a larger story in my opinion and “The Bro” will 100% bounce back.

Roderick Strong def. Matt Riddle.

NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream (C) vs Tyler Breeze

This is my dark horse match on the card, many people have forgotten how good Breeze is due to his booking on the main roster. Now the safe bet here is Dream, his reign is still relatively new and I think WWE loves him. That being said, I am picking Tyler Breeze to win the North American Championship. This is probably a horrible prediction but it makes more sense for Breeze to win here. Here’s why:  Fandango is injured Breeze is in NXT. The North American Championship is basically the mid-card championship in NXT and if Breeze can’t win that belt, where does he go from there? If they want Breeze in NXT for the foreseeable future, him winning the belt is most logical and would do more for his career. I love Dream and want him to have a reign but with the plans of Breeze staying in NXT, he should win this belt.

Tyler Breeze def. Velveteen Dream to become the new North American Champion.

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs Street Profits vs Undisputed Era vs Forgotten Sons

This match will be absolutely insane, because NXT ladder matches are always insane. All teams are fantastic and I can’t wait to see what Street Profits do. This also plays into my larger prediction so bare with me. I don’t think Street Profits will win the titles, but I think they will be the stars. Knowing what they do with just a ring, I can’t imagine what they will do with a ladder. It is very likely that Street Profits win these championships, but I am picking Undisputed Era because I am predicting a clean sweep for the faction. This match because it is guaranteed to be a barn burner.

Undisputed Era become the new Tag Team Champions.

NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler (C) vs Io Shirai

Then we go from one of my most anticipated, to one of my least anticipated. I should know better than to pick against Shayna, but this time, that’s what I’m doing. Shayna was main roster ready months ago and has done everything she can do as top heel champion of the NXT Women’s Division. Io Shirai is on fire and I think she is the best option to take the belt off Shayna, it would be refreshing to see Shayna chasing the title again as well.

NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano (C) vs Adam Cole

I don’t need to tell you how good this match is going to be, watch their 2/3 Falls match. Johnny did just win the belt, but as I mentioned earlier, I am predicting a clean sweep for Undisputed Era. Down the line, Strong will cost Cole the championship and they will have a rivalry, but for right, now all the belts on Undisputed Era is a fantastic choice and opens up many story opportunities. I know I said I don’t need to tell you how good this match will be but if you only watch one match on this card, it should be this one.

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