At first sight, Nadia “187” Kassem doesn’t appear to be your typical fighter. However, the 5’5”, UFC flyweight’s record tells a different story. With a pro record of 5-1-0, she only had one amateur fight before turning pro.

The Pressure is On

Kassem is busy preparing for her third UFC fight after suffering a loss against Montana De La Rosa due to armbar in round 2 at UFC 234. The Australian Top Team member is now scheduled to face Ji Yeon Kim (8-2-2) in Melbourne on October 5 at UFC 243.

In the middle of her 8-week training camp, she recently chatted with The Scrap about her career and upcoming fight.

Kassem’s start in the fight game began four years ago. She had her first amateur fight after training only a year and a half in BJJ and Muay Thai. Signing to the UFC, the Australian native entered with a pro record of 4-0.

Progressing in the organization is something Kassem admits was difficult. “It’s kind of like getting thrown in the deep end”. She added, however, the experience has worked in her favor. “The pressure is definitely on”. This pressure pushes her to train her best, be consistent, and be supported by the right people.

The Ups & Downs

Kassem will be the first to tell you that her career has “been a little crazy”.  She said there have been a lot of up and downs. But it’s, “How you progress mentally and physically and what you learn along the way,” that’s the rewarding experience.

The flyweight is “excited to bring back a win” for her next fight and said her camp has been intense. “I am definitely feeling the camp this time”. Looking forward to bringing something different to her next fight, her coaches, brothers Suman and Ashkan Mokhtarian, will have her well prepared for it.

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