It’s tea time with The MMA Bitch.

After being announced as a competitor on The Ultimate Writer, I vowed to bring girl talk to The Scrap. Mondays after exciting fight weeks, I will bring to you my Monday Morning Gossip on the MMA and pro wrestling scenes.

UFC 242: Khabib vs. Poirier

Ugh- is the best way I can start this section. I was so disappointed and sad after the main event because you can tell how bad Poirier wanted this win. But damn, Khabib is so damn dominant.

Overall, the card was underwhelming, but I did leave being more fond of Khabib. He was so sweet after in his post-fight interview and I do think we need more champions like him in the sport. But I think we need the McGregor’s to help balance it all out.

Sorry, not sorry.

Anyways, more importantly, the word on the street is Khabib made $6mil for this fight. 6 MILLION? Hmm…

Now if this is true, I’ll gladly go down on Khabib for free, but something doesn’t seem right here. If he did make that much money, then wow- UFC truly does have a big star in Khabib and they should continue to cash in on him while he is active in the sport.

OH, and how can I forget!? I want to see Khabib vs. GPS like yesterday. If the champion decides to retire after two fights, then I do hope one of those fights (if not the last fight) is with the Canadian legend (and hunk) St-Pierre.

Until then, bring on Khabib vs. Ferguson!

Bellator 226: Bader vs. Kongo

Why does Bellator always have some type of shitty ending to their cards? I’m a fan of the promotion, but I have to admit, this happens way more than it should.

I was looking forward to Bader winning. Then Rampage Jackson comes out of nowhere to come after Bader in what looked like a sad attempt to get himself a title fight. I’m not sure where Bellator goes from here with Bader, but I’ll be tuned in regardless. He’s one of the best heavyweights and 205ers out there today.

My girl Cris Cyborg also made her Bellator appearance at the event. We also found out she will be facing Julia Budd in her debut and I AM SO DAMN EXCITED! Bellator is in the 145 business for women and the move was perfect for Cyborg. But I will say, booking the title fight right away was quite ballsy.

If Cyborg wins, great! That’s awesome, but where does Budd go? Does she get a rematch or stay in Bellator? Or does she make the jump to the UFC and take on the 5 girls signed there?

Here is where it gets more interesting… What if Cyborg loses? Does she stay fighting other women in Bellator? Does Julia keep defending after that when there is literally no one else?

The 145-pound division in Bellator is one to watch closely. It looks like there will be some interesting stuff happening soon!

Becky Lynch is a f*cking Legend

I love this bitch. Not only because she landed one of the hottest men in WWE today, but because she really is an all-around badass. Even though she’s larger than life because of Ronda Rousey, Lynch is one of the best things to happen in WWE in a very long time.

So I thought I’d give you a break from all the MMA stuff this weekend, and show you this epic commercial with ESPN.

The “This Is SportsCenter” commercials are so legendary and hilarious. To see Becky Lynch on one, made my nipples hard. I LOVE everything about this! Not only does this prove she is WWE’s biggest draw right now, it proves that she is the face of the company.

The John Cena of the Modern Era.

Joe Giannetti calls out Kosakowski on Twitter after Jesse’s loss at CES 58

You all will get to know me soon enough, but I love my tea. Especially when people like Joe Giannetti just give it to me on Twitter. So if you didn’t know, Jesse Kosakowski mentioned in an interview that he wanted to fight Joe Giannetti soon after beating Reggie Merriweather.

Well, if you see the video, Jesse’s plan didn’t work out too well. Merriweather pulled off the upset, knocking Kosakowski out early in the night. Shortly after, Giannetti took to Twitter to call Kosakowski out for having his name in his mouth.

Not only would I love to see this fight happen, I wonder if Kosakowski responds after suffering his first defeat in MMA.

I’ll be on the lookout!

First-ever women’s main event at Cage Titans: Combat Night 2 is a FOTY candidate

Jasmine Jasudavicius came out victorious with a unanimous decision win over Massachusetts prospect, Kylie O’Hearn at Combat Night 2. It was the first-ever women’s main event for the promotion and let me tell you, it delivered.

So much so that Cage Titans is calling it a Fight of the Year candidate.

Jasudavicius may have had a late start in the game, but let me tell you, she is badass. She picked up her second pro win in Plymouth, Massachusetts this week and I’m sure she’ll rack up some more soon enough. With a late start in the sport, you know she’s making up time and will remain active.

All I know is you should watch her, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of this bad bitch from Canada.

Mando Gutierrez makes a successful professional debut at Lights Out Championship 5

In an exciting weekend of fights, Lights Out also had a women’s main event with former UFC fighter Amanda Cooper facing Jamie Milanowski. Cooper got the win and although it’s exciting that she’s rebuilding her MMA career after an early stint with the UFC, but the real main attraction was Mando Gutierrez.

I first heard of him through his interview with The Scrap, so I decided to tune in. He won in dominant fashion, continuing his undeniable rise on the regional scene. This is a name you should keep an eye out for, cause I said so.

I kind of have a crush on him too, don’t tell his girlfriend.

Conor McGregor calls for Nurmagomedov rematch, Justin Gaethje claps back

First and foremost, let me make it clear. I am a fan of the sexy Daddy McGregor. But when I saw Gaethje drag him by the lace fronts, I was like ‘ER MY GOD.’

I want to see the rematch, but any logical MMA fan knows that Tony Ferguson deserves the next crack at the lightweight title after never getting to unify it in the first place.

As for UFC Vancouver this weekend, I’m torn on who to pick in the main event because I love them both. Regardless, we know if Gaethje wins, he could potentially get the money fight with McGregor next. Especially after these personal attacks.

Oh how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see McGregor vs. Gaethje. So I hope it happens at some point!

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