MMA and Hip-Hop have more similarities than people know. From being discriminated against by the public eye during their start to its mainstream rise, the comparisons are there and tell a rather interesting story. With a fighter’s walkout song being a crucial choice for many, and music’s importance in fight promotion, MMA and Hip-Hop continue to cross paths.

Hip-Hop tends to be the most popular choice when walking into the octagon. So it’s not surprising that the fight game has begun to crossover into the rap game. Today, many fighters rap and release music on their social media platforms, so The Scrap put together a list of the best MMA rappers actively fighting in the UFC.

Take a look at the top-5 list of rappers:

#5. Kajan Johnson

So this is relatively new news to me, but before there was a Tyron Woodley, there was a Kajan Johnson. He’s also still fighting in the UFC, currently riding a two-fight losing streak. This list isn’t about fighting though- so he comes in at #5.

Believe it or not, he released a music video back in 2016 calling out Al Iaquinta, Nate Diaz, Chris Wade, and others. Since this release, I haven’t seen Johnson drop any new material, and maybe that’s for the best.

Johnson’s bars are basic, but they are accompanied by a dope beat and quality production, so shoutout to his producer.

#4. Tyron Woodley

It’s no secret that Woodley raps. And you may or may not be surprised that he’s low on our list, but there are few rappers that fight in the UFC today, so take that into consideration.

“I’ll Beat Yo Ass” is his debut track. It was assisted by T Dubb O and Wiz Khalifa, giving it the backing it needed to make the wave it did in Hip-Hop and MMA. The song has a catchy, simple chorus that anyone can sing along with and was the reason it went mainstream amongst the MMA population.

Woodley kicks off the track with some simple rhymes and an even simpler flow. He claims he is “God” in the octagon and he will, “knock out all your white teeth.” Luckily for the former champ, Khalifa saves the song on the final verse, really giving it the life it lacked in the beginning.

This isn’t Woodley’s only track though.

Tyron recently released a Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” remix with Randy Couture at the Fighter’s Only MMA Awards. Woodley rapping and Couture singing is one of the best sights we’ll see in our lifetime. The song and video gained laughter, cheers, and support from the crowd as Woodley calls out Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman, Conor McGregor, and more, while he raps and sings over the popular track.

Let’s be honest, they nailed this remix. I think it was the perfect surprise to the awards.

I’m looking forward to seeing what more Woodley has up his sleeves and what moves he makes in music.

#3. Mike Perry

I bet you weren’t expecting this one.

Some may have forgotten about Perry’s remix to Woodley’s “I’ll Beat Yo Ass,” but we’re here to highlight it again. If Perry truly wanted to, he could have a career in music. He has the look, personality, attitude, and social media platform to do so. So, can someone please tell Perry he needs to get in a booth and release a mixtape?

Although his flow is also simple, his delivery is much more natural than most MMA rappers we’ve heard. “Lil’ Platty” could absolutely go bar-for-bar with the former champion, Woodley, any day of the week. Tyron should consider releasing a remix to the track with Mike on it.

“If you f*ck with Platinum, it will be your ending.”

Mike doesn’t have any tracks out or many videos of him rapping (other than his old drunk raps), but he is much more talented than the more known UFC rappers. It may be a long shot, but I’ll put Mike Perry on a track if he ever wanted to try the rap game.

He’s a beast in the ring and could be a beast on the mic.

#2. Jarred Brooks

Jarred Brooks is a dope spitter. When Brian Kelleher posts his verses on Twitter, he tends to caption his videos as “Best Rapper in MMA.” One day, that rubbed Brooks the wrong way and he decided to throw shots. Both fighters went back and forth with fire bars and perfect delivery.

That was good for MMA Hip-Hop, but if I’m honest, I wish the two would collab.

Brooks is one of few rappers in MMA that like to rap real lyrics with substance. It may not be the most catchy beat, but the lyrics have a positive message. He isn’t afraid to let people know how he feels about certain topics, especially rappers who rap about selling drugs and their influence on today’s youth.

He addresses mumble rappers on his recent track:

We hope Brooks continues to release music while kicking ass in the UFC. Let’s get him into a quality studio because MMA needs a true mixtape to drop soon, especially one that has tracks with the message his latest single has.

The UFC flyweight is on a quest for championship gold, but we hope to continuously get new music. While I was searching the web for more tracks from Brooks, and I stumbled upon a Big Sean “Fire” Remix. Loved it- the message and passion. We need more of this in MMA as it continues to gain its mainstream spotlight in the public eye.

But please let it be known that Brooks has bars too. His “Gun Down” track is five out of five fire emojis and truthfully, this song should have gotten more attention than Woodley’s, “I’ll Beat Yo Ass.” They have very similar messages, however, the verses aren’t simple rhyme schemes like Woodley tends to rap.

#1. Brian Kelleher

Brian Kelleher is the self-proclaimed best rapper in MMA, and if I’m honest, he is. Kelleher is a dope spitter; not only does he have bars, Kelleher has a flow and delivery that is unmatched amongst his UFC counterparts.

This video above is from 2016, but if you follow Brian on Twitter, he’ll drop some verses every so often. Whether it’s a quick 16 bars or a full track, there’s always creativity in his verses which don’t lack substance. Hip-Hop/Rap today is all about hot beats and simple rhymes schemes that tend to have a catchy chorus. Kelleher ensures he’s rapping on beats that match his killer flow and instinct in the ring. He also doesn’t shy away from share his story in writing. Needless to say, much of what the game is missing today, Brian has.

Back in April, Kelleher posted a short clip of a song where he shouts out Jorge Masvidal and his famous, “3 piece and a soda” line:

“Make change and stay humble and modest,” raps the UFC bantamweight. Brian uses his music to spread positive messages while speaking his truth. If this is a taste to what the mixtape will be like, then we’re in for one of the best musical projects to come from a professional MMA fighter. In the meantime, Kelleher just released “Underrated” which is available on Spotify.

If UFC wants a real rapper, they should look no further than Kelleher. He’ll shout out fighters in his tracks, spit some creative bars with MMA references, and will murder any beat put in front of him. He’s been promoting a mixtape for quite some time and I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

He may not be the most popular rapper in UFC, but he is the most talented rapper we’ve seen to date.

There’s no question about it.

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