The WWE SummerSlam card is shaping up to put on a good show with your mixture of nostalgia, new feuds, and much more. Many matches will have people talking Monday morning, but let’s take a look at the match that has the greatest potential to steal the show on Sunday night.

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton

This is a match I am personally excited for. Not only is it a feud that has been built up for the past 10 years, if given the proper amount of time, it can easily steal the show.

You have Kofi looking to prove that he is world champion material, showing that Randy was wrong 10 years ago when he said he wasn’t and still isn’t ready for the main event spotlight. While Orton is out to continue his path of destruction and take out Kofi again, he ultimate looks to prove his theory right.

This match might not have many OMG! Moments, but it’s storytelling will do all the work. You can have Kofi never giving up throughout the fight while Orton thinks of a way to put Kofi out. It will be a very old school matchup with a blend of the new ways.

If given the time and story, this will undoubtedly be the match of the night.

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