From being a runner-up in The Ultimate Fighter to changing management, Justin Frazier is ready to make a run back into the UFC.

“The Grizzly Bear” looks to continue his win streak when he faces Max McNeely this November at Pyramid Fights 14.

The Ultimate Fighter Days

Since losing at the TUF 28 Finale to winner, Juan Espino, Frazier has been on a tear. The heavyweight dispatched of Benjamin Rowland in round 1 this past June.

Even though his path back to the UFC has been a bit longer than his housemates, Justin is genuinely proud of those who have signed their contracts before him.

Frazier knew it was only a matter of time before everyone was getting their chance on the big stage. He is a firm believer that everything is going to work out eventually, so he’s focused on winning his next fight, and then potentially heading to LFA.

Next Stop: Pyramid 14

Frazier will be taking on a tough 28-year-old in Max McNeely, who is also riding a two-fight win streak.

When on TUF 28, Justin thought he was going hard in training. In the house, he found it was much more extensive and difficult. However, it has since trickled into his MMA career post-TUF.

“I’m going to instill my will and try to finish the fight in the same fashion I usually do.”

After learning on TUF what level to push himself in training, Frazier is confident that he will be in the best shape of his life come fight night.

Whether McKneely is ready for him, Justin isn’t worried. He’s going in there knowing how dangerous he is and plans to execute his game plan.

Grizzly wants Hardy

A few months back, Justin told The Scrap he was gunning for a Greg Hardy matchup. With new management and a couple more wins under his belt, the matchup seems more possible now than ever.

“I think Hardy is a good fight for me,” said Frazier. “We’ll go out there and put on a show and see if his hype holds up to as it has so far.” Needless to say, Justin would like to test the former NFL star who has made an impressive run since winning a contract on Contender Series last year.

With Arkansas behind him though, Justin could be a problem for not only Hardy, but the entire UFC heavyweight division.

Tunnel Vision

Now that MMA is in the mainstream light, Frazier only has one goal in mind. That’s making into the UFC.

“The atmosphere and experience with UFC is one of a kind.”

Having fought for Bellator, RFA, Pyramid Fights, and Off The Chain MMA, it’s only a matter of time UFC is hitting Frazier’s line again. He has a 12-3 record and has yet to lose since his time on TUF. At this point in his career, Justin is a top prospect to keep a close eye on — one or two wins should jump him right back onto UFC’s radar.

After a win on November 16 in Arkansas, the heavyweight prospect would like to fight again in December or January.

Previously eyeing the winner of Daniel James and Brett Martin, Frazier knows he wants LFA gold around his waist before fighting again in the UFC.

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