The Scrap recently sat down with former UFC flyweight, Jose “Shorty” Torres.

Torres spoke honestly about the behind the scenes life of a fighter. The flyweight currently fights for the Brave Combat Federation which is the largest MMA promotion in the Middle East.

Torres explained as a fighter “it’s fun we’re doing what we love, but sometimes what we love to beat us up a lot”. The 9-1-0 pro admitted the life of a fighter is rough. “A lot of people think it’s glam and whatever they see on social media”. To explain the true reality behind the life of a fighter, Torres has his own podcast. He can be heard on “Inside Team Shorty” and on Rokfin, a company dedicated to unleashing digital content creators.

Torres went undefeated as an amateur and was having a good run as a pro with an 8-fight win streak. When he lost against Alex Perez at UFC 227 he explained he was going through a difficult period in his life. “That shouldn’t have happened,” he explained of the loss.

During his two UFC fights, he lost a total of 54 pounds due to weight cutting. He said he was mentally drained and burned out.

Making Sacrifices

The flyweight spoke of the sacrifices fighters make to follow their dreams. He said as a fighter you don’t have a social life. “You have to ditch a lot of your friends, you have to ditch a lot of people; sometimes even your family, to focus or because you’re tired”.  Torres also spoke on how weight cutting is a grueling experience. “I get angry for no reason and little things get to you”.

In his first bout with Brave CF in April, he won by unanimous decision against Amir Albazi. Also, these days Torres said he is “trying to let loose a little more”. He said he came to a realization that he can still have fun while being responsible.

Torres continues living the fighter’s life. “This sport is rough,  he said, “but it’s 100 percent worth the journey”. The 27-year-old believes he might have a fight announcement soon.

“It’s a fight worth waiting for”.

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The Scrap’s Caroline Romero is a journalism graduate and has 3 children involved in combat sport. Make sure to follow her son Simon Romero on his Behind The Grind podcast on YouTube.