News broke that IMPACT Wrestling has released former champion, Eli Drake.

Drake has been with the company through their ups and downs for the past four years and has been a bright spot for the company. Drake’s contract was going to expire in May, but IMPACT released him nearly a month early. He was supposed to wrestle Tessa Blanchard at IMPACT’s United We Stand this weekend, but was replaced with Joey Ryan.

This is a massive loss for IMPACT, Drake is such a huge talent and has so much charisma. His comedic timing and overall character work and makes up for what he may lack in the ring.

So this begs the question, with wrestling being so vast where will he go next and where should he go next?

I think the obvious answer here is NXT. I have no doubt that he could go to Ring of Honor or All Elite Wrestling and be a mainstay in either company but I have always thought that he was built for NXT. I think NXT has so many characters and great promo guys that there are several feuds lined up for him based on personality alone. With guys like Adam Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era, Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, there are so many possible promo segments that would entertain on a weekly basis.

I think he has NXT Champion written all over him, while he was in IMPACT he only won their world title once and honestly I think he was underused for his whole time with the company. If he went to NXT, he would definitely be NXT Champion and I believe they would utilize him to his full potential. I think this speaks to one of the issues with IMPACT, and that is not realizing potential stars like Eli Drake. IMPACT has had some of the best talent in the world on their roster in the past several years, and they have all left to go on to much bigger things. I see the same fate for Eli Drake, I honestly believe he is criminally underrated and would immediately be a huge fan favourite on the black and gold brand.

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