With the recent success of the past two Pay-Per-Views, AEW has shown fans that they are legit and they are ready to star a war with WWE. They have also taken numerous shots at the company, however, WWE has chosen to stay silent.

With war on the horizon, there’s a few ways that WWE can stand out as the number one wrestling company, even with AEW coming on the map.

1. Give us what we want.

“The Animal” Batista once said, “give me what I want,” about a good 20 times on a recent episode of Raw. This holds true for this headline. WWE needs to give the fans what they want and put on good shows for the fans, not for themselves or commercials. Push guys that they can get behind or ones fans are already supporting heavily, such as Cesaro, Rusev, Aleister Black, and much much more.

Use your assets, not your son Vince!

2. Don’t mention AEW.

While AEW has taken many shots at WWE without naming the company exactly, WWE has only named AEW once and that was in Sami Zayn’s electric chair promo. If they where to go after AEW and keep mentioning the other company in their show, people would start turning the channel to them.

Just work in silence and let your wrestlers keep the fans invested.

3. Show them why you’re top dog.

WWE has billions of dollars that could easily put AEW out of business, if they so pleased. What Vince needs to do is spend that money on making the show feel original and not the same pattern over and over again. The show needs a fresh new look. Uniqueness is what makes AEW different from WWE. The stage and pyro are the small steps that WWE can easily do to push their company to the top comfortably. What WWE needs to do is to realize what they can do to give the show their best look.

I am very excited for the WWE vs AEW rivalry. We don’t need to choose sides since AEW doing well is great for wrestling.

What a time to be a pro wrestling fan!

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