TUW: Season 2 is a competition that features 15 of the best MMA and Pro Wrestling writers around the world in a competition of article views.

Winners this season are determined monthly when highest article views go head-to-head to determine The Ultimate Writer. The first round of the new season began September 1st and has already gone through so many changes and opponent switches.

I (Joel Torres) will be your host this season, producing articles about the competition, highlighting exciting matchups and underdogs monthly, and will be tweeting about the articles being published by the writers.

To give you quick history lesson, yes, I am the first-ever Ultimate Writer. But, that competition was exclusive to The Scrap Content Writers when it debuted. This is the first time TUW has opened their applications to writers from everywhere, with different experience levels, and from different news sources. So, this is the first time the competition is truly worldwide and open to literally anyone (new writers, experienced writers, social media trolls, etc).

Not only does this make the competition more exciting, what makes it even more interesting is the rankings were determined by Twitter followers and TUW experience. So that, and the fact that it’s only the 1 person’s highest viewed article vs. their opponents highest viewed article, makes the competition a true open playing field.


Team Mahoney vs. Team Brown

The hosts of Lee N Keys Real Talk Podcast will be the coaches of this season. They will also be competitors in the competition and let me tell you, we have some really talented writers ready to be crowned The Ultimate Writer.

Kevin Mahoney is a content writer for The Scrap, as well as a co-host of LNKRTP. Hailing from Massachusetts, Kevin not only hopes to become the winner this season, he hopes to lead his team to victory against his co-host. Kevin beat Lee in the finale of Season 1, leading his team to acquire the #1 ranked writer of the competition: Connor “Rags” Rogowsky. His team is stacked with potential winners: Steven Ricciardi of Jersey Boys MMA, Canada’s Austin Luff, Brazil’s Dario Ferarri, and Puerto Rico’s The MMA Bitch. He also has the talented Stephen Rivers and Evan Mowery.

Lee Brown is also a content writer for The Scrap and the second-half of LNKRTP. Currently in Colorado, Lee will look to overcome all the odds and win the competition after having a rough stint in Season 1. Kevin may have gotten the #1 ranked writer, but Lee acquired the Darkhorse of Season 1, Jordan Ellis, who could easily win it all. He also got Caroline Romero, who looks to be the Darkhorse of Season 2. Aside from Ellis and Romero, Brown has plenty of writers that could win: UFC Super Fan, Front Page MMA, Juan Reneo, and Brandon Sibcy.

The Competitors & Their Ranking

16. Dario Ferrari – BRAZIL, Independent (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 0-0

Ferrari comes into the competition replacing Matt Puppich, who earned his way into the competition winning on the finale card of Season 1. Due to inactivity for the month of August, he was pulled and in comes our first competitor ever from Brazil. Ferrari is going to be interesting this season because he’s already at a disadvantage being a last minute replacement. He also has to go up against Jordan Ellis, the #2 ranked writer, while headlining his first card. Even though the odds are against him, he definitely has all the tools to win. Ferrari will be producing his content in Brazil, so that should not only bring more Brazilian viewership, it will bring his fans to read.

15. Brandon Sibcy – USA, The Scrap (Team Brown)

TUW Record: 2-1

Sibcy did very well in Season 1 and the only reason he was not originally in Season 2 is because he forgot to apply. But have no fear, he still gets a slot, replacing another inactive writer during the month of August, Tyreef Cash. Brandon has the potential to have a successful comeback story, but can he produce enough views to get it done before October? Only time will tell.

14. Evan Mowery – USA, Independent (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 0-0

Mowery is new to writing, but he’s most definitely ready to win this all. An avid MMA fan, Evan joined the competition after team captain, Kevin Mahoney, put the competition on his radar. He may be inexperienced, but don’t count the hungry writer out, he produced the first article of the season and looks to continue producing more in hopes to pull off the upset at TUW 5: Rogowsky vs. Sibcy.

13. Caroline Romero – CANADA, The Scrap (Team Brown)

TUW Record: 0-0

Romero comes into the competition replacing Ireland’s 420 & Fights, who had to leave the competition due to personal reasons. Caroline is 1 of 2 women this season and definitely has all the tools to win it all. She produces a ton of content currently from interviews her son, Simon Romero, conducts on his podcast, Behind The Grind. A potential Darkhorse this season, Caroline has a tough matchup ahead of her. But she could easily pull off the upset!


This writer had to pull out for personal reasons.

11. Stephen Rivers – UK, MMA Wreckage & Furst MMA (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 0-0

Rivers is the second competitor ever from the UK to take part in TUW. He comes in with much MMA writing experience and could surprise many if they aren’t on their game. Representing MMA Wreckage & Furst MMA this season, Rivers looks to bring eyes to The Scrap in hopes it carries him into holding TUW Championship.

10. Juan Reneo – SPAIN, The Scrap (Team Brown)

TUW Record: 0-0

Reneo is one of few Pro Wrestling writers this season. Ever since joining The Scrap a few months back, he has been a driving force for their wrestling wing, producing content on WWE, AEW, NJPW, and promotions out in Spain. At the rate Reneo is heading, he could easily go far in this competition and win it all. He is on my list as one to watch.

9. Lee Brown – USA, Lee N Keys Real Talk Podcast (Coach)

TUW Record: 1-3

Brown may have had a rough stint in Season 1, but it doesn’t mean he’s not a problem this season. Brown knows how the competition works and if he’s strategic, he can lead himself and his team to victory! Representing his podcast this season, we’re excited to see what Lee brings to the table as a competitor and coach.

8. The MMA Bitch – PUERTO RICO, Independent (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 0-0

The MMA Bitch vows she is going to bring Girl Talk to MMA. What does that mean? I have no idea, but I am definitely interested in tuning in to see what content she produces. The self-proclaimed “HBIC” of the The Ultimate Writer and the first-ever competitor to represent Puerto Rico (where my family is from), she could be a problem for many. She is one of few non-traditional competitors this season and it’s going to be interesting to see how these people do with the following they have.

7. Front Page MMA – SCOTLAND (Team Brown)

TUW Record: 0-0

Our first full site has joined the competition and I am excited! Front Page MMA is going to bring some quality content to the table, they already do great stuff on their website. Keep an eye on them because since they are an established website, they could win the entire thing. Not to mention, they are the first competitors to ever represent Scotland on TUW, that’s huge!

6. Kevin Mahoney – USA, Lee N Keys Real Talk Podcast (Coach)

TUW Record: 3-1

Our second coach this season, Kevin Mahoney has done very well for himself since joining The Scrap team. With a 3-1 record from Season 1, Mahoney could pull off what I did last season and win the competition as a coach. It will be interesting to see how TUW gets brought to Lee N Keys Real Talk Podcast and how both coaches use their platforms to help propel winners on their teams.

5. Austin Luff – CANADA, The Scrap (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 2-2

Luff was expected to win or be in the finale last year, and since he did not live up to expectations, it will be interesting to see how he bounces back. Ranked #5 this season after being ranked highest last season, Luff has plenty to make up, but let it be known- he’s still a problem. Luff is one of very few who have reached over 1,000 views on an article at The Scrap. If he can tap into what he was doing in the past, he could have a smooth path to TUW Championship.

4. UFC Super Fan – USA, Independent (Team Brown)

TUW Record: 0-0

Possibly the most interesting competitor this season is UFC Super Fan. He’s known by many as a troll on Twitter, but he has a passionate following and often, UFC Super Fan keeps people guessing if he’s serious or not. After DM’ing fighters uncomfortable questions and going viral, he will be bring some comedic relief to the competition. Look no further at the potential Ultimate Writer of Season 2.

3. Steven Ricciardi – USA, Jersey Boys MMA (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 0-0

Ricciardi is probably the biggest favorite to win the competition due to his massive Twitter following. Steven first came on my radar when I stumbled upon his “Brews & Bets” Twitter account. A passionate MMA content producer, Steven could be your next Ultimate Writer while repressing Jersey Boys MMA. He’s one on my radar and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what content he produces this season.

2. Jordan Ellis – UK, The Scrap (Team Brown)

TUW Record: 3-1

Although Ricciardi may be the favorite to win the competition, Ellis is my personal pick to win the entire thing. He was the Darkhorse of the tournament last year and only lost to me. When I beat him, he had the second highest views out of everyone. It was just unfortunate our paths crossed early and not in the finale. With that being said, the first-ever competitor to represent UK has potential to redeem himself and win the entire thing with a quite fitting #2 ranking this season.

1. Connor Rogowsky – USA, The Scrap (Team Mahoney)

TUW Record: 3-1

As many people know already, Rags is the one I beat to capture the title. So yes, I am the only loss for both him and Ellis. Because of this, it makes things very interesting. Rags is my roommate and he’s inconsistent with how often he writes. So that could play a big factor in Season 2. If he is as hungry as he was last year – beating everyone to get to the finale – then he can easily win TUW Championship this time out.

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