Michael Stack is coming off the biggest win of his professional career with a submission victory over Sean Datte at SCL AVM 9. Days after, Stack was forced to take a 30-day suspension for stitches, but remains eager to make a quick turnaround.

Stack vs Datte became one of the most anticipated bouts in Sparta Combat history, generating hype behind both lightweight contenders to help promote the matchup. “The fight was a big proving moment,” said Stack. He recalls feeling the pressure of the fight and having many up and down moments. But ultimately, the opportunity to prove peers and doubters wrong, fueled Michael’s excitement to put on a show.

Most knew the fight would deliver, however, one would be foolish to not acknowledge the bout being a product of great matchmaking.

The fight came to life after Stack was offered Datte for the second time. The first came when Michael was looking to sign a featherweight bout to test the waters at 145lbs. However, there were no takers and promoters have been having a difficult time booking the SCL lightweight. When Datte’s name came up again, Stack did not hesitate, hoping to prove a point.

“Even if I have to go out on the sword, I’m going to beat this motherf*cker up.”

With a genuine love for fighting, Michael hopes to return to the cage in the next couple of months. Moments throughout the interview, he would geek out when reminiscing. “Just thinking about it gives me chills. Still to this day, it’s the coolest f*cking thing. I get to fight like a Gladiator.” Although successful in his last bout, Stack still feels there’s things to work on and consistently wanting to improve is a testament to his dedication.

The 24-year-old prospect has a killer physique, great discipline, and the perfect mentality for success. Not to mention, he’s currently undefeated and has been since his amateur days. Although dreams of fighting in the UFC are closer to reality, Stack also has ambitions of becoming a double champion at both lightweight and featherweight for Sparta Combat League. With his teammate Justin Gonzales getting his Contender Series opportunity, if the belt becomes vacant, Stack wants it and then the belt at 155 pounds.

Michael has the support of his family, teammates, and his beliefs – the foundation needed to make it in combat sports. “I’m a really strong believer. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Throughout my life, I’ve allowed him to take the wheel and lead my steps,” said Stack. Michael is looking forward to the next challenge in hopes to continue rising in the local rankings and eventually onto the UFC scene. Until then, it’s hard work and dedication.

Stack knows fighting is temporary, but he’s in it for the long haul and has championship gold in sight.

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