“Ya Boy” Eryk Anders (11-4 MMA) is ready to step back into the octagon when he takes on Vinicius Moreira (9-2 MMA) on UFC on ESPN 3. Continuing his active career, Anders is looking to bounce back into the win column on June 29th.

There really is no point in asking Anders how training camp is going. The reason why is simple: he is constantly in training camp mode. Since 2018, Anders will be making his 6th UFC appearance – making him one of the most active fighters on the roster. A fan favorite, Anders always puts on entertaining fights and has no will to give up. However, Anders finds himself on a 3 fight losing streak, with his most recent coming at the hands of Khalil Rountree at UFC 236.

Back against the wall.

Anders knows well he needs a win to boost his resume within the UFC. However, he feels no added pressure going into this match.

“You know, I don’t think about it too much,” Anders told The Scrap. “Obviously I know I’ve lost my last three, but I have to look forward and focus on my opponent. I know I always bring it when I compete, and I can’t be focusing on the past. Like I said, I can only control myself and my training and let myself compete. I have a 24-hour rule set in my life. Whenever something happens, I allow myself 24 hours to be upset but after, I have to let go. I don’t look back.”

Anders is certainly a physical specimen. But he also shines when it comes to how mentally strong he is. In this sport, you may be in the best physical shape come fight night, but your mentality has to equally be there.

“I think a fighter’s mental toughness is the strongest. We have seen in this sport fighters go on losing streaks and then pick themselves up and go for a title fight. I have confidence in my skills. I know sometimes when a fighter losses, they like to change where they train or something like that, but I’m good. Everybody is different. Mental toughness is key in any form of competition”.

Anders draws Vinicius Moreira next.

Anders will be taking on fellow light-heavyweight, Vinicius Moreira, on June 29th. Both fighters are elite MMA professionals in the UFC. Moreira was last seen at UFC on ESPN +1 where he lost to Alonzo Menifield.

“He’s a tough guy for sure. He is a high-level Brazilian black belt. Has a good ground game. But I think a lot of people haven’t seen my ground game and think it’s bad,” said Anders. “I know he is going to try and take me down and wear me down, but I am comfortable on my back. I want to show everyone that I have a good ground game, whether on my back or in a dominant position.”

Anders always brings a fight when he competes. The electrifying match against Thiago Santos is going to be one fans will remember for a long time. However, this time, the strategy is a bit different against the high-level grappler.

“I expect this match to be a lot of wrestling from his end. He is going to focus on taking this fight to the ground and wearing me down. But that’s okay with me. I am good with this fight where ever it goes. I don’t think he will be able to keep me down at all.”

Anders on being an entertaining fighter:

With 7 of his 11 wins coming by way of TKO or KO, fans can always expect a big knockout from “Ya Boy.” When asked about the recent stricter regime implemented by the UFC in terms of cutting some fighters on their roster, Ander’s isn’t concerned.

“This is a business at the end of the day. The UFC wants to keep fighters who put on entertaining fights. They want people to fight. I actually just got a contract extension, and I am on a losing streak. But the UFC know’s I am a real fighter. I always come to fight and I am always willing to fight an they respect that. The people who watch this sport want to see fighters fight. When I fought Theodorou, people were booing him in his own province. Everybody was telling me I won that fight.”

With his active UFC record, it is no surprise that UFC would want to keep one of their more active fighters. Especially one that is always willing to pick up the phone for a short-notice fight.

“Yeah, you know I am always that guy who takes short notice fights. I just love fighting,” said Anders. “I am constantly training… My cardio has always been good, too. The only time my cardio was a little off was the match against Santos, when I literally took that fight on a few weeks notice.”

Eryk Anders knows how he wants to win this fight. The same way he typically does, and the way that fans love to see.

“I am looking for that first-round knockout.”

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