Déjà vu is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. The phrase translates literally as “already seen”. This story below best describes this.

Welcome to the third installment of misused WWE Superstars. Today is one of my personal favorites, EC3. Formerly known as Ethan Carter III in TNA and Derrick Bateman in the old NXT. EC3 has all the tools to be a top guy in WWE but for some reason it’s déjà vu all over again.

In the original NXT, a young rookie named Derek Bateman was coached by Daniel Bryan. He was a fan favorite from the get and had many supporters. He did not end up winning that season, but he still got signed to the WWE. After a few jobber matches and backstage promos, Derek Bateman was released from his contract.

What happened next would turn his whole career around.

Ethan Carter III was born. Introduced as the nephew of Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter was the arrogant rich boy that nobody liked. But this did do was show how EC3 can work on the mic like no other. With that also came the rise of us in-ring abilities accompanied by his strength. He put on some muscle and it showed in his matches. Being paired with Drake Maverick, EC three would be a mainstay in TNA for the 2012-2016 years. Eventually though, in the annual feast or fired match, EC3 pulled the pink slip which meant he was fired from TNA.

But once this happened he was a hot free-agent and WWE, or better yet NXT, jumped on him. EC3 showed up on a TakeOver and the crowd erupted. His first match came at TakeOver: New Orleans in a six-man ladder match for the inaugural North American Championship. This showed that EC3 can be a big star in NXT and soon the main roster. But for some odd reason, he was brought up to the main roster way too soon. He was debuted with the likes of Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinery.

While his first match of the main roster was a win against Dean Ambrose, WWE’s 50/50 booking halted any momentum. For some reason again, WWE took away his strong suit and that was his promo work. He was mute and would just stand backstage and pose. Now anytime we see EC3, he’s very disgruntled and always loses or he’s running for the 24/7 Championship.

It’s Derek Bateman all over again.

How can we fix this? One simple fixture, send him back to NXT. Let him shine and grow and develop down there, show Vince what he’s missing out on. If we could do that EC3’s legacy can be fixed. As for right now, please put him on TV and let him go to work, make him look impressive. Not just getting squashed.

EC3 is one of my personal favorite superstars and only can only hope WWE can turn his career around sooner rather than later. We want the TNA version of Ethan Carter III, not the second coming of Derek Bateman.

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