In the co-main event of UFC 241, Nate Diaz will return to the Octagon after more than three years away. There he will take on Anthony Pettis.

Why Diaz was away for so long is still a mystery. He blames the UFC while the Las Vegas-based promotion says it was the fighter from Stockton turning down fights. Regardless, he will return to the Octagon even though he says the UFC wanted him to vanish. But, White says he still has a good relationship with Diaz.

“It’s funny – I did this interview the other day about Nate,” White said after the Contender Series. “Nate’s one of these guys that, he has this personality where it’s like he’s saying ‘(expletive) you’ to The Man, but he never says ‘(expletive) you’ to The Man. Every time I’m around Nate, he’s a good kid. I’ve always had a good relationship with Nate, a personal relationship with Nate.”

Although Dana White likes Diaz personally, he says Nate has been hard to deal with business-wise.

“He’s tough to deal with on the business side, but personally he’s a good guy,” White said. “And whatever you want to say about the Diaz brothers, when they say they’re gonna fight, they sign the bout agreement. And they show up and they fight. So I don’t see any problems.”

Yet, Diaz did not agree with that sentiment, as he basically says the people that were offered to him weren’t on his level and it wasn’t worth him fighting.

“I think the part of not fighting, the fight wasn’t with the fighters no more, they’re not on my level,” he said in an interview with ESPN. “The fight was with the whole organization, the whole thing. I’m like, I’m losing this fight if I’m just going to sit here and die off in this little town.”

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