ENTRY #14 — Caroline Romero, Canada
September 30, 2019

1. Dietician

I have become a metaphorical dietician. I spend long hours searching the internet on diet plans for fighters. I know the foods that fighters should be eating during training or while cutting weight. I pay extra attention to food labels and have learned to balance carbohydrates and proteins. Eating the rights foods is essential to a fighter’s performance and recovery.

2. Personal Chef

Training camps are stressful. Cooking the right things on top of the daily workouts is hard. I do my best to leave prepared meals in carefully sized containers for my son. This helps him from grabbing something from the cupboard after a work out that might not be good for him. It also helps him to avoid eating fast food.

3. Athlete

My son has his own gym to make money on the side when he isn’t fighting. I have fully taken advantage of that. You can now find me putting on the gloves. He is a great teacher and I really enjoy his classes. I never thought I would enjoy punching things so much!

4. Journalist

There are not too many women MMA journalists out there. Whoever thought I would be an MMA web content writer? I will be the first in line to say, “not me”. I attend live events, I read a lot about what is going on in MMA today. I live with a professional athlete. Why not write about the sport? I enjoy giving my birds eye view into the world of MMA.

5. Social Media Specialist

I have tried my hand at designing web pages. I post news and updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s important to promote fighters via social media. This has helped me stay up to date with social media applications. The skills I have developed have also helped me land my current job as a social media coordinator.

As a mother of a professional MMA fighter, I am always learning. I do my best to help and support him any way I can. I am 100% along for the ride. As a mother I support his dreams and will do my best to help him fulfill them.

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The Scrap’s Caroline Romero is a journalism graduate and has 3 children involved in combat sport. Make sure to follow her son Simon Romero on his Behind The Grind podcast on YouTube.