After Brock Lesnar quickly dispatched of Kofi Kingston on the first edition of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, he was interrupted by the music of Rey Mysterio.

However, the Master of the 619 did not come alone. Behind him was former UFC champion, Cain Velasquez.

Cain made his Wrestling debut in August of this year at AAA’s biggest show of the year, Triplemania. He immediately blew all expectations out of the water, doing all kinds of Lucha moves despite his size. We know Cain can wrestle. He is already very good in the ring and seems to have had a smooth transition into the wrestling world.

While he has not put pen to paper, what is his potential in WWE?

To put it simply, I think his potential is Brock Lesnar with a more exciting move-set.

Say what you want about Brock, but WWE has booked his character perfectly. He is a silent badass who turns up when he feels like it and beats people up. I think Cain could reach that level, but better. While Brock’s character is perfectly booked, his suplex based move-set does get a bit stale. We’ve already seen that Cain can pull off a wide range of wrestling moves. He could be Universal or WWE Champion, there’s no doubt about it.

WWE loves mainstream stars and while I don’t know if he’s as popular in the mainstream as Brock, he has legitimacy. Fox has already said they want a more athletic-based product, this is how you do it. Not to mention Cain and Brock have history, with Cain knocking out Brock in the first round of their UFC 121 Championship main event.

To put it in simple terms, Cain’s potential in WWE and wrestling as a whole is as high as he wants it to be.

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