Welcome to the second installment of misused WWE superstars. After feedback from my twitter followers, we’re gonna take a look at “The Best Kept Secret,” Buddy Murphy.

Buddy Murphy has all the tools to be a top guy on today’s main roster. His agility, athleticism, and pure strength shows the world how great he is. On 205 Live he was booked like an unstoppable force. Putting on 5 star matches with the likes of Ali and Cedric Alexander.

He was the face of 205 Live and eventually would drop his title to Tony Nese at WrestleMania.

After this came the Superstar Shake-up. During an episode of SmackDown, we see Buddy Murphy pop up and talk about how he’s about to set SmackDown on fire. Only problem is, that’s all he’s done so far. We haven’t even seen him wrestle on WWE TV yet.

I get it, he’s the best kept secret, but how long are we going to hold on to this secret?

Granted we saw him on the SmackDown City Hall segment where he did nothing but kiss up to Shane McMahon. Also, in the midst of writing this, he got some TV time this past Tuesday on SmackDown where Roman Reigns beat the crap out of him until he got an answer to who was attacking him.

Maybe just maybe this can be a boost in Buddy Murphy’s career.

Here’s what should happen, either at SummerSlam or SmackDown, Murphy and Reigns have a match. Win or lose, make Buddy stand out and put on a great match. It’ll be okay for him to lose, if and only if he looks extremely strong and pushes Reigns to the limit. He could and should get pushed to a mid-card or maybe even a world title run.

Buddy Murphy has all the tools to be one of the best in WWE today. Will they soon realize it before it’s too late and Buddy becomes an after thought of the WWE Universe? If it reaches that point, let’s just bring him back to 205 or even NXT.

Just imagine Buddy vs Adam Cole. That would sell tickets right away.

But we can only hope WWE utilities the best kept secret the right way, and hopefully very soon.

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