Social media has become an important part of our lives. Wrestling promotions and wrestlers themselves are using social media to promote what they are doing to hardcore and casual wrestling fans all over the world. 

AEW, with no doubt, is one of the best promotions in terms on how they use social media. The way the use it is changing the business. 

Being The Elite 

Some people sometimes forget that BTE started as a video journal show of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks showing the fans the life of a wrestler on the road every week and the ups and downs this road has. 

Slowly BTE evolved into the show we all know and love. This show treats the viewer as someone who is smart and makes jokes that new and especially old fans of professional wrestling will understand. 

BTE has been also used as a vehicle for wrestlers to get over. Flip Gordon, Adam Page and most recently Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are prime examples of how to make stars out of wrestlers while showing a comedic, yet human side to these wrestlers. It helps them connect even more with the fans. 

Road To 

While BTE is the comedic side of things about AEW, the Road To show is the other side of that coin, and represents the more serious side that AEW can be.

Road To presents to the viewers a more personal side about the wrestlers, gives an idea of who these wrestlers we follow are and their interactions with other wrestlers during feuds.

The show so far has been an amazing way to promote the shows AEW has done and with no TV episodes aired yet. This shows the potential AEW has in these aspects and that AEW is not only jokes and funny sketches, as we are accustomed to with BTE every week. 

So far, their use of social media has been perfect. Wrestlers like Nyla Rose, Joey Janela, Brandi Rose and others have used the platform AEW brings in to connect with the fans. It shows the potential of what AEW will do while airing on TNT, starting October.

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