Since AEW’s inception, the majority of the focus has been on men, with stars like Kenny, Cody, Jericho, The Bucks, which is no surprise. However, there is currently a concerning lack of attention towards the women’s division in AEW.

AEW has spotlighted the division reasonably well, but from a fans perspective, the women are lacking the attention they deserve. While the division does not quite have the star power of the men’s division, they have a division that I would put against any women’s division in wrestling today.

Below are spotlights of some key players in AEW’s women’s division.


I have already sung Allie’s praises at length, but allow me to echo my sentiments. Allie is one of the best wrestlers in AEW that nobody is talking about. She is the hidden gem of the division for a number of reasons.

If you have not watched her IMPACT run (which many probably haven’t) you have missed out on stellar character work. Allie played so many different characters on IMPACT and played them all perfectly. From being bullied by Maria Kanellis, breaking up a marriage, to being a dark supernatural character. I will admit, she is not the company’s best wrestler, but in a company with guys like Kenny Omega, that is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

She has been wrestling since 2005 which makes her a veteran, and an asset to the division on and off screen. I believe she will be a key player in the division for years to come, and her fan base will only get better.

Britt Baker

In they eyes of AEW, I believe Britt is their main star, and for good reason.

Baker, Girlfriend of WWE Superstar Adam Cole, is a huge piece to this division. She is a decent wrestler and I think her promo’s will only get better. For somebody that has only been wrestling for 4 years, it is crazy how good she is. She is a bit of an investment for AEW because she is still relatively new to wrestling, but they have the opportunity to build her up in the coming years.

She competed at AEW’s first Pay-Per-View “All In” and I would be shocked if she wasn’t booked on the majority of AEW PPV’s to come. She can also be an ambassador for the company.

Brandi Rhodes

I don’t really need to go into much detail here, we all know about Brandi Rhodes.

Brandi is a fantastic character and I feel is one of the best heels in women’s wrestling. She has been very involved in recent storylines and has aligned herself with Awesome Kong, which is a typical heel move. She is still coming along in the ring, but her story is one that doesn’t get enough credit. When her husband Cody left WWE, she could’ve just kept her announcing job in the WWE and make a comfortable living. Instead, she left and I don’t think she left on the premise of Cody leaving, she wanted to wrestle.

She does not need to get in the ring and take the bumps and bruises, but she has. She has given her blood sweat and tears in the ring, while having a behind the scenes role. As I said with Baker, she is also a fantastic ambassador for the company.

Bea Priestley

Of all the people that have flown under the radar in terms of hype, this one might confuse me the most.

Bea Priestley has been wrestling since she was 14 years old, but officially made her debut with Progress Wrestling in 2016. Priestley has wrestled and held championships all over the world, she truly is one of the best wrestlers in the world. She is only 23 years old so she is a huge get for the young company. When you have the chance to sign somebody that young and that good, it is a huge benefit.

She is a fighter in and out of the ring, she was diagnosed at age 14 with a brain tumour, had it removed at 18 and has had a fantastic wrestling career over the past few years. When I look at the roster, she is one of the standouts. I hope this platform will show people how good she really is and allow her to showcase it on an international stage.

AEW women’s division will only get bigger and better, but for now, they have a fantastic foundation and already a fantastic division.

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