The Superstar Shake-up is next week and while we got a glimpse of what might be happening, there are many superstars that can really benefit from a change of scenery. This list includes stars from Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, and 205 Live. Let’s dive right in.

1. Finn Balor to SmackDown Live.

Balor has been one of the most misused superstars since coming back from his injury. He looked like he could be a top guy when he was the first Universal Champion. But unfortunately injury derailed that from happening. Since then, he’s been booked in extremely long feuds with Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley. A move to SmackDown would not only provide for opportunity for the Balor Club to expand, it can also provide new opportunities. We can have new feuds for The Demon and maybe later on have Balor challenge Kofi for the WWE Championship.

2. AJ Styles to Raw

Styles has been SmackDown’s top guy since the original brand split and has developed into one of the faces of the company. With his success on SmackDown, a move to Raw could not only help Styles, but really help Raw in many ways. Styles can be put into the title picture right away and fight Seth Rollins or be put into a feud with a younger guy like a Chad Gable. The main point to take away, is there are many different things you can do with a guy like AJ Styles on your show.

3. Buddy Murphy to NXT

Buddy Murphy is an extremely good wrestler and has all the tools to be a major player in WWE. His Cruiserweight title matches alone made people watch 205 Live more and care more about the division. The seeds were planted on Twitter for a feud with Velveteen Dream. Buddy was walking towards the back when The Dream was recording and talked about failing, which led to Murphy replying, “that’s how you steal the show.” A feud between these two would be awesome and help the NXT brand become even more dominant. It is almost certain Buddy Murphy won’t be on 205 anymore. We’re gonna have to find out what’s in store next.

4. The Usos to Raw

The Usos are easily the best tag team going right now as their matches at WrestleMania and SmackDown this past week have shown. A move to Raw is much needed for Raw’s lack of tag teams. A feud with The Revival would help the Revival show off more of their abilities and also provide us with some amazing tag team wrestling.

5. Sky Pirates (Kairi Sane and Io Shirai) to SmackDown

The Sky Pirates can be a major boost to the women’s tag team division. They are two of the best performers today and can take the division to another level. The dream matchup we all would love to see is, The Sky Pirates vs The Boss N’ Hug Connection. Fingers crossed we get that match sooner rather than later. Paige has hinted that she is bringing a team next week to SmackDown and all signs are pointing to the Sky Pirates, but hopefully WWE doesn’t swerve us and make it The Bella Twins or Nia and Tamina.

6. EC3 to SmackDown

EC3 has everything it takes to be a top performer on the main roster. He has the look, his best asset is on the mic, he has the skills, he has it all. Unfortunately WWE has failed to see that. He started off hot with a victory is his debut against Dean Ambrose, but after losing to him the next week he pretty much vanished. Reappearing on Main Event, he would lose to the likes of Tyler Breeze and Apollo Crews. But this week he was paired with 205 GM Drake Maverick. For those who don’t know or remember, EC3 and Maverick have really good chemistry. Going back to TNA as Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud, these two were really good together. Will this be the momentum EC3 needs? Lets all hope so.

7. Samoa Joe to Raw

If Finn Balor does get moved to SmackDown, it would only match sense for the U.S. Championship to be shipped to Raw. Samoa Joe is finally being booked like the monster that he is. His promos are incredible and so are his in ring skills as showcased in feuds with AJ Styles, Andrade, and Rey Mysterio. On this past SmackDown, Braun Strowman made a surprise appearance and attacked the U.S. Champ. A feud between these two would be perfect for both wrestlers. Strowman can finally win his first title in WWE and Joe could go on and have matches with guys like Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre, or the opposite could happen and Joe would look unstoppable. But this move to Raw can help elevate Joe to the next level.

8. Pete Dunne to Raw

Coming off a crushing defeat at the hands of WALTER at NXT TakeOver, Dunne can be a major factor on Raw. The longest reigning U.K. Champion can be a major player in the mid or main card. He could maybe feud with Samoa Joe for the U.S. Title to start or fight a guy like a heel Bobby Roode or Baron Corbin. The sky is the limit for Dunne, we will see what WWE decides to do with him.

9. Roman Reigns to SmackDown

With AJ Styles on Raw, SmackDown would need to add to fill the spot of a big babyface. Yes, Kofi Kingston got that on lock right now, but Roman Reigns would bring that Styles-type of vibe to SmackDown. In the eyes of Vince, Reigns can be, a good guy loved by the fans (somewhat) and can sell tickets. If Finn Balor does move to the blue brand, a feud between the two wouldn’t be bad and could help both guys get over with the crowd. But Roman can add some flavor to Tuesday night and maybe finally get over with the crowd.

10. Undisputed Era to Raw

The Undisputed Era have been one of the hottest groups in NXT history. All 4 members having 5 star matches constantly and making themselves the top guys in NXT. We were all expecting them to interrupt the Winner Take All Match this past Monday, but they didn’t and that is okay. Bringing up Undisputed this week would boost Raw to new levels. Adam Cole can be a main event caliber guy, O’Reiley and Fish can boost the tag team division, and Strong can be a solid mid-card guy. These 4 can elevate Raw and be one of the top groups in history, if booked correctly. We see it, Triple H sees is, but does Vince?

It goes without saying, many moves can benefit other superstars. That’s the beauty of the Superstar Shake-up. We will have to tune in this Monday and Tuesday night to see what WWE has planned for us.

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